Cooking on the Bus and our Kitchen Update

Katy responds to a “tagged” request about how we go about doing our cooking. And we show off the fruits of our labor with our remodeled kitchen in the schoolie.

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Finn Gallery – The Skoolie Dog Likes His Close-ups

This gallery contains 11 photos.

This dog!!! Finn can drive us crazy. Between barking at every golf cart and motorcycle, to demanding that someone play with him, this dog is lucky to be so cute.

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Reality Check – Why You Should Not Get a Skoolie

Bus conversions are great but they are not easy. This is a reality check for anyone thinking about embarking on a bus conversion project. We love our skoolie conversion, but heed our warnings, before you are lured into a project you wish you had never started.

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How to Shop at a Salvage Yard

How to shop at a salvage yard.

Shopping at a salvage yard can be an intimidating process for the first timer.  Understandably, the whole concept of rummaging through the discarded hulks of vehicles that once where but are no more is an unnatural activity for most of us, but do it once and you will quickly learn…

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How to Find a Good Salvage Yard or Junkyard

Finding a good salvage yard can be hard, so here’s a series of tips to help you on your salvaging journey. Salvage yards go by many names – make sure you use them all to search your local area. Here are some common names for auto salvage yards: junkyard, scrapyard,…

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Gear & Tech | The WiFiRanger RV / Digital Nomad Solution to Mobile Internet

WifiRanger's Sky2 Pack

We have said it before and we will continue saying it: “There is no good mobile internet solution for full-timers living on the road.”  Whether you are a weekend rv’er or a nomadic digital warrior, the ability to simply watch Netflix, upload a YouTube video or listen to your Pandora…

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The Texas Expedition: South Padre Island

South Padre Island is lovely. It’s a giant pain in the ass to get to. After we left San Antonio we headed further south to South Padre Island which sits on the Gulf Coast near the Texas-Mexico border. We ended up having to make a detour into Corpus Christi to…

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The Texas Expedition: San Antonio, The Alamo and the Riverwalk

After we walked/drove around Waco (where one RV park owner told us that he “didn’t want us lowering his environment” once we told him we had a converted school bus) we headed south to San Antonio. When we had started planning (and I use that word very loosely) we knew…

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Our Visit to Battleship Park on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Skoolie parked in front of the USS Alabama.

It doesn’t take much to excite the 5 year-old-boy in me, and the promise of military equipment lying about ready to be touched and prodded by these hands was a little too much to resist. When I saw the sign for Battleship Park on the the I-10 causeway driving over…

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