The Texas Expedition: Waco, Part 2

After the Waco Mammoths we decided to explore the city a little and, in particular, there was a bridge that Mike wanted to see.

The Waco Mammoths are a little ways outside of town and we had passed a huge park on our way in so we stopped there on our way back to town. As it turned out the Brazos Park East is lovely. It’s quite a long stretch of amply shaded lawn along the banks of the Brazos River (which is much bigger than I had thought).

It was about 10 or 10:30 on a Sunday morning and pretty empty. There was one guy having a picnic with his dog (it was too cute) and a couple of people walking on the path by the water but that was about it. Finn really enjoyed the park.

WacoTX-001 (93)

After the park we headed continued into Waco to see the Waco Suspension Bridge. We really like architecture and national parks/monuments. Plus, when we’re traveling with Finn they tend to be more dog friendly than museums (which we also love).


The Waco Suspension Bridge is actually very cool. It was originally a cattle trail and it spans the Brazos River which kind of runs through Waco. The bridge, when it was completed in 1870, was the longest single span suspension bridge west of the Mississippi. That’s pretty cool.



Whereas the Brazos Park East had been mostly deserted this park was quite bustling. There was some kind of troop (boy scouts? ROTC?) getting professional pictures taken, girls in prom dresses getting their pictures taken, couples hanging out on benches having a snack, runners, kids playing in the grass, it seems like a popular park. Plus it’s about a block away from downtown Waco which was pretty cute. Not very dog friendly so we didn’t stop anywhere (we were keeping an eye out for a coffee shop with outdoor seating and only saw one with one table) but cute.

It was neat. We were hoping to get to the Armstrong Browning Library at Baylor (they have a beautiful stained glass collection- it was designed to be “the most beautiful building in Texas”) but the day was getting away from us and getting too hot for us to feel comfortable leaving Finn in the bus so we decided to skip it, unfortunately. We’ll have to go back to Arlington when Mike graduates and maybe we’ll drop in and see the collection then. The Baylor libraries are free and open to the public which is great.

So with that, we hit the road and continued heading south. Next stop…San Antonio.


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