We’re Hitting the Road

We are finally (FINALLY!) leaving north Texas. The semester is done and there is nothing keeping us here anymore. Freedom!

So, we’ve decided that since it’s unlikely that we’ll be going through Texas again anytime in the (even remote) future that we should get all of our sightseeing done. So we headed south down to Waco, then moved onto San Antonio, then took a necessary detour to Corpus Christi, went down to South Padre Island, headed back up to Corpus Christi, then started heading east to Surfside/Galveston before heading out of the state and continuing on to Florida.

Tonight is our last night in Texas. Tomorrow we are pushing straight through to Mobile, AL. It’s going to be a long, long drive.

We have family in Florida that we are really really looking forward to seeing and some necessary repairs to make to the bus before we take this show permanently on the road.

This trip, so far, has been a huge learning experience. We pretty much had living on the bus while being stationary down pat but it’s a whole other kettle of fish for living on the road. And we are not properly set up. So our time in Florida will include a fair amount of tweaking to the set up of the bus. Lots of lists are being made.

Here’s to being on the road!


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