How Much Did Our Conversion Cost? / Skoolie Q & A / Video

We get asked a lot about the cost of doing a conversion. Friends, family members, people at gas stations, all over the place and it was one of my biggest concerns going into the conversion.

Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, we could have spent WAY more. We kept it cheap by building everything and thrifting as much as we could. We bought 2 big items new that we could have built ourselves- the butcher block counter top and our sofa- both were from Ikea and total cost us about $430 (I forgot to mention the sofa in the video).

We thrifted a lot of stuff including the base cabinets and the cabinet doors for the upper cabinets in the kitchen, the cabinet for the linen closet (which needs some reworking), the bathroom faucet, and the bench seat and seat belts in the driver’s area.

Everything else we built. Just the two of us. Well, mostly Mike. He did a lot of work while I was working.

We are planning on putting up a spreadsheet that breaks the cost of everything down. How much the sinks, kitchen faucet, flooring, wood, paint, tools, etc. all cost but that is a lot of stuff to organize! So it’ll be a little bit before we have that up and available.

Overall, Mike was right.  It was cheaper than buying an old RV and renovating it. I guess he wins this round.



  1. Feel free to contact me about welding. I am the retired tng coordinator for the largest private shipyard on the west coast. Just a couple of things. You can buy used/scrap flat bar and angle at a scrap yard. You can bend it using a propane canister torch. Don’t weld, but bolt it to your bus. I highly recommend you get pro welding and not backyard welders. I know many will say they can weld, but wouldn’t last 2 hrs in a shipyard, do contact your local boilermakers union, they have apprenticeship school which might weld it for you and they may have an out of work welder that can do it and rent the welder. Also vocational colleges with welding programs, altho welding is by students, it is supervised. If you try and save money by using a backyard welder, more likely than not it will break, false savings.

    • Thank you so much! I didn’t think about contacting unions or vocational schools. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback and the general consensus is that we’d be better off bolting it on if we do it ourselves. I’m glad my instinct not to go with the “friend of a friend’s cousin” is valid.

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