Toilet Update


A little while ago I talked (grossly and probably in too much detail) about our composting toilet situation. It was not pleasant.

We purchased a portable camping toilet (The Thetford 92859 Porta Potti ) to try out in the place of the composting toilet.

We’ve had it up and running for a little bit and, so far, we love it. No smell, easy to use, A+. We haven’t had to empty it yet but I’m not feeling tremendously concerned about it. We didn’t take out the whole box for the composting toilet (just emptied out what was in there) and we popped the portable toilet right on top. That does make it very tall which is great for Mike but I sort of have to hop up there and then my feet dangle so we got a little fold up stool for me to use.

But it is very nice to have a working toilet so that we don’t have to run to the campground bathrooms for every pee.

Toilets…they’re awesome.


  1. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for all of your guidance! Question: How is your new toilet working out?

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