Our Skoolie Garage

How we built a garage into our school bus conversion

Living on the road often requires that you take with you a full compliment of tools to keep the bus going. So we decided it was time to show you how we carry all those tools in our Skoolie Garage.

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Fixing Our Broken Window from Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma came and left through our area of Florida with a lot of rain and wind, some of which ended up breaking through one of our bus windows. We decided to replace the window with a sheet metal panel which we riveted onto the bus.

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No Shave November in the Bus

Mike with red had, beard.

November is probably my favorite month.  It starts off with candies and chocolates, ends with a feast, and in Florida we get to stop sweating before we freeze (anything under 75 degrees is considered “freezing” here).  This year, though, my November is nevertheless made more interesting and fun by the…

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Dallas, GA – Taking a special passenger to visit family.

Two months ago my mother called and asked if Katy and I were willing to take her to visit her brother and family in Georgia (or maybe we volunteered to take her, I can’t remember).  I had not seen my Aunt Mildred and Uncle Raul in close to decade and…

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You’ve Decided to Stay- What You Need to Ride Out a Hurricane

Hurricane Checklist Image

Mike and I have been keeping a close eye on the recent developments of Hurricane Irma which is barreling towards the Caribbean and Florida. We are currently in Central Florida, near the Orlando area, making some alterations to the bus and riding out our current “broke-ness” with family. Pretty much…

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Hurricane Irma and Why We May Not Evacuate

Whenever a hurricane hits a populated center, like the city of Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey, people will question what motivated residents to refuse to comply with the orders of evacuation.  Why, given so much prior warning, do people not just move out of harms way? Well, at the…

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Skoolie Beginner’s Guide: Gear you will need at an RV Park

After all the construction is done you are ready to hit the road, But are you equipment ready for your first RV Park?

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Are School Bus Conversion Safe? Are Skoolies Safer than RVs?

Are School buses safe for conversion?

Often we receive messages about how we are bound to get ourselves killed because school buses are supposedly unsafe. The argument is largely based on misconceptions about the safety of school buses and how those compare with Recreational Vehicles. In this Video Katy sets the record straight by pointing out how school buses are simply better built vehicles than your standard RV.

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