Our Visit to Battleship Park on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Skoolie parked in front of the USS Alabama.

It doesn’t take much to excite the 5 year-old-boy in me, and the promise of military equipment lying about ready to be touched and prodded by these hands was a little too much to resist. When I saw the sign for Battleship Park on the the I-10 causeway driving over…

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Our Tiny Living Dirty Secret

We have a whole room filled with our stuff at my mom’s house. And it’s not a small room- it’s what would normally be the “formal living room” (over the years it’s been household storage, a bedroom, a proper living room, a guest room, where the Christmas tree went, and…

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Bathroom Storage

Living in a tiny house is all about managing clutter. It’s like a never ending battle to keep the place tidy. Mike and I have been having to renegotiate how we store everything because so many things are not working out the way that we had planned and anticipated now…

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