Winterizing Fail / Video/ Vlog Ep. 3

Guys, weather is hard. Like really hard. We’re figuring out that we will be hot when it’s hot outside and we will be cold when it’s cold outside. We are starting to get the hang of it and we do plan on implementing some changes to our winterization of the…

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Our Tiny Living Dirty Secret

We have a whole room filled with our stuff at my mom’s house. And it’s not a small room- it’s what would normally be the “formal living room” (over the years it’s been household storage, a bedroom, a proper living room, a guest room, where the Christmas tree went, and…

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Bathroom Storage

Living in a tiny house is all about managing clutter. It’s like a never ending battle to keep the place tidy. Mike and I have been having to renegotiate how we store everything because so many things are not working out the way that we had planned and anticipated now…

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State of the Bus – A Tour Part 2

Here is our second tour of the bus! We still have a lot of work to do and it shows, but at this point that we are now fulltiming in the bus, this seemed like a good time to show off our hard work.

If you missed the previous tour (mid-conversion) click here for The State of the Bus Part 1

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We do plan on uploading more videos showing the conversion process, upcoming projects, roadtripping, and general skoolie stuff.