Our Skoolie Garage

How we built a garage into our school bus conversion

Living on the road often requires that you take with you a full compliment of tools to keep the bus going. So we decided it was time to show you how we carry all those tools in our Skoolie Garage.

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Bathroom Storage Redux

I recently updated our bathroom storage. Cute spice racks to holds all of my lotions, toners, and cosmetics. It was a better use of the very limited space we have in our bathroom area. Everything was so easy to get to, I didn’t have to dig products out in order…

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Bathroom Storage

Living in a tiny house is all about managing clutter. It’s like a never ending battle to keep the place tidy. Mike and I have been having to renegotiate how we store everything because so many things are not working out the way that we had planned and anticipated now…

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