Our Skoolie Build

State of the Bus: A Tour Part 1

After removing all of the seats and the flooring it was time to really begin the conversion.

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Living Full-Time in the Bus – What We’ve Learned So Far

Mike and I have been full-time living in the bus for a little over a month and there’s been a serious learning curve as we’ve adjusted to living in such a small space. So, I thought I’d address some of the things we’ve learned along the way. 1) I REALLY care…

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DIY Composting Toilet Fail

*Warning-I’m talking about poop. It’s probably TMI.* Ok, toilets and the bodily functions they take care of are gross. Black tanks are also gross. The whole situation is less than pleasant. When we were building the bus we had to grapple with the tanks (fresh water, grey water from the…

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State of the Bus – A Tour Part 2

Here is our second tour of the bus! We still have a lot of work to do and it shows, but at this point that we are now fulltiming in the bus, this seemed like a good time to show off our hard work.

If you missed the previous tour (mid-conversion) click here for The State of the Bus Part 1

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We do plan on uploading more videos showing the conversion process, upcoming projects, roadtripping, and general skoolie stuff.

How and Where to Buy a School Bus

What is the best way to buy a school bus?  – Call your local school district. There are over 13,000 school districts in the United States and each one has school buses to get rid off.  Some may be a little bit worse off than others.  Some may have over…

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Breaking Down on US-285

After we walked Carlsbad Caverns we picked Finn up from the kennels and headed out to Roswell. The idea was that we’d make it there in the early afternoon (it’s only about 1.5-2 hours away) and have plenty of time to find a place to park, eat dinner, and see…

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School Bus Conversion-Painting the Bus

One of the first things we decided on after buying the bus was that we would need to paint it. Oh man, it was a huge and time consuming job and isn’t totally done yet. We were under the impression that is it illegal to own a yellow school bus…

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Busing with a Dog

We have 1 dog, an almost 2 year old terrier mutt, named Finn. While we were building the bus he presented a challenge, a lovable challenge but a challenge none the less,  in a few different ways-1. space is very limited and he needs a crate (he was crate trained…

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The Bus is Street-Legal!

Mike and I got word, in May, that we would need to move back to Texas in time for the start of the fall semester in late August. That really put an unanticipated stress on our conversion timeline. The beginning of August rolled around and we still didn’t have insurance…

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Insuring the Bus

*Disclaimer-this is just our experience (in the state of FL) and in no way represents what everyone will go through. Each state is different and your insurance may require more/different things. Call and ask!* One of the big questions we had while debating on getting a school bus was how…

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