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“There was nowhere to go but everywhere…” – Jack Kerouac

I’m not sure that anyone has ever devised a plan for their future that unfolded as they thought it would.


No Shave November in the Bus

Mike with red had, beard.

November is probably my favorite month.  It starts off with candies and chocolates, ends with a feast, and in Florida we get to stop sweating before we freeze (anything under 75 degrees is considered “freezing” here).  This year, though, my November is nevertheless made more interesting and fun by the…

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You’ve Decided to Stay- What You Need to Ride Out a Hurricane

Hurricane Checklist Image

Mike and I have been keeping a close eye on the recent developments of Hurricane Irma which is barreling towards the Caribbean and Florida. We are currently in Central Florida, near the Orlando area, making some alterations to the bus and riding out our current “broke-ness” with family. Pretty much…

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Hurricane Irma and Why We May Not Evacuate

Whenever a hurricane hits a populated center, like the city of Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey, people will question what motivated residents to refuse to comply with the orders of evacuation.  Why, given so much prior warning, do people not just move out of harms way? Well, at the…

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Pop-Culture Road-Trip Playlist Vol. 1


Long ago Katy and I discovered that listening to audio books, interviews and other “speaking” broadcasts were better than music playlists in keeping us awake while traveling long distances.  This playlist is composed of 5 pop-culture features from NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Jay Z Interview on Fresh Air…

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Hurricane Harvey and the RV Fulltimers on the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Harvey makes landfall near Rockport, TX.

  I do not know how many people live full-time in RV parks across the Texas Gulf Coast.  I’m not sure if anyone has even tried to take a proper census of this population and it may be impossible to find out.  But there are thousands of people living along…

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Cooking on the Bus and our Kitchen Update

Katy responds to a “tagged” request about how we go about doing our cooking. And we show off the fruits of our labor with our remodeled kitchen in the schoolie.

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Finn Gallery – The Skoolie Dog Likes His Close-ups

This gallery contains 11 photos.

This dog!!! Finn can drive us crazy. Between barking at every golf cart and motorcycle, to demanding that someone play with him, this dog is lucky to be so cute.

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Severe Weather on a Skoolie

Mike and I are no strangers to severe weather. We grew up in Florida where afternoon thunderstorms are the norm during the spring, summer, fall…we get a brief break during “winter”. So we have a lot of experience with different types of severe weather and that combined with my general…

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Faaaaaaamily Comes to Visit

We recently had 2 separate groups of family come out from Florida to visit us in North Texas. Back to back. It was awesome 🙂 First, Mike’s mom came to visit. She arrived on a Sunday and left the following Wednesday. We had a grand ole time. We went out…

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Remodeling – First Came the Bathroom, Then Came the Closets

We are completely, totally, 100% insane. We have family coming to visit at the end of the month and what did we decide to do a week and a half  out? Tear almost everything out. Without finishing the bathroom first. So the bathroom is in disarray and is half tiled.…

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