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Skoolie Beginner’s Guide: Gear you will need at an RV Park

After all the construction is done you are ready to hit the road, But are you equipment ready for your first RV Park?

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Are School Bus Conversion Safe? Are Skoolies Safer than RVs?

Are School buses safe for conversion?

Often we receive messages about how we are bound to get ourselves killed because school buses are supposedly unsafe. The argument is largely based on misconceptions about the safety of school buses and how those compare with Recreational Vehicles. In this Video Katy sets the record straight by pointing out how school buses are simply better built vehicles than your standard RV.

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Cooking on the Bus and our Kitchen Update

Katy responds to a “tagged” request about how we go about doing our cooking. And we show off the fruits of our labor with our remodeled kitchen in the schoolie.

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How to Shop at a Salvage Yard

How to shop at a salvage yard.

Shopping at a salvage yard can be an intimidating process for the first timer.  Understandably, the whole concept of rummaging through the discarded hulks of vehicles that once where but are no more is an unnatural activity for most of us, but do it once and you will quickly learn…

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Gear & Tech | The WiFiRanger RV / Digital Nomad Solution to Mobile Internet

WifiRanger's Sky2 Pack

We have said it before and we will continue saying it: “There is no good mobile internet solution for full-timers living on the road.”  Whether you are a weekend rv’er or a nomadic digital warrior, the ability to simply watch Netflix, upload a YouTube video or listen to your Pandora…

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Converting from 30 amps to 50 amps

After roughly nine months of fulltime living with 30 amp power we decided to upgrade our school bus conversion from 30 amps to 50 amps. Maybe our experience will help someone out there with this same decision.

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Cooling the Bus

Now that the weather has finally started turning a little cooler (not fast enough! Texas just can’t seem to let go of summer), I thought I’d talk a little bit about our trials and tribulations regarding keeping the bus not…ass hot. It’s not quite as a rage inducing problem as…

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Insurance, Tag, and Title / Video

Read our earlier post about all of the legal nitty gritty here. Or watch it. Multiple formats! Yay!

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Why Don’t We Have Solar on Our Skoolie?

A reader of the blog recently asked us, “Have you thought about solar?”  Yes, solar panels were always present in every one of our best-imagined versions of our skoolie before we began the conversion .  Yet, after three months into our full-time skoolie adventure we have still not taken the…

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The Internet Situation

When Mike and I planned (to the best of our abilities) for the things that we thought would be the most difficult aspects of living in the bus we were mainly anticipating an issue with electricity. We had originally planned to go with solar straight out the gate until we…

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