Why Many RV Parks Prohibit and Dislike Skoolies

No Skoolies allowed

We never thought this would be an issue for us when we began traveling in our converted school bus.  We figured that a motorhome would be considered a motorhome no matter what, but we were wrong. To our surprise, and the surprise of many with whom we have shared this…

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Boondocking for the First Time-Update

Ok, so first of all. We didn’t end up properly boondocking this weekend. A lot of things sort of came together that made it an unappealing idea. We did, however, learn a LOT this weekend. We only paid for a campground for one night and the rest of the time…

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Boondocking for the First Time! – Prep

This weekend Mike and I are going to try boondocking for the first time. So exciting! And a little scary. Boondocking is basically camping in a motorhome. We won’t have power, water, and sewer hookups. Everything we need will be on the bus. And since we are without a tow car…

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