No Shave November in the Bus

Mike with red had, beard.

Growing one of those itchy beards.

November is probably my favorite month.  It starts off with candies and chocolates, ends with a feast, and in Florida we get to stop sweating before we freeze (anything under 75 degrees is considered “freezing” here).  This year, though, my November is nevertheless made more interesting and fun by the added challenge of not shaving for the duration.

No-Shave November has been around for a little while now.  The concept started a few years back by the Matthew Hill Foundation to raise awareness of cancer and the need for cancer research, education, and aid for families.  The connection with beards is a tip of the hat to the hair-loss experienced by many people afflicted by cancer.  The concept caught on because it gave everyone an excuse to put up selfies.  So here I am gladly joining the vanity bandwagon for the cause. Katy is very happy about this as she has many times tried to get me to grow out my beard.  On my way to full beard.  You can donate here to help fight cancer:


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