What we wished we had done differently? Our Top 6 Build Regrets

If I were given the chance to time travel back to one year ago, when we were in the midst of converting our school bus, I would have more than a few words for my slightly younger self.  There’s a good chance we would end up arguing, but I would try to make him listen to the following words of skoolie wisdom earned after a year of full-time living in our school bus. We’ve learned a lot from our mistakes, but….it would be so nice to have not made them at all.

  1. Install better insulation with better coverage.

  2. Installing the electrical panel near the center rather than the back of the bus.

  3. Put sound insulation under the floor in the driver’s area.

  4. Installing outside outlets for cable and internet.

  5. Going with a full size fridge instead of a mini-fridge.

  6.  Different paint for exterior of bus


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