RV vs Skoolie: The Winner is…

Mike and I thought long and hard about what route we wanted to take- did we want a more traditional RV or did we want to take the hard road and go for a school bus conversion?

In the end, we’ve decided to go the school bus route. We really want the flexibility to customize it to our hearts’ content and we like the safety and durability of the school bus. And the windows. SO much light! We decided that having a move-in ready option wasn’t our highest priority since we have a place to keep the bus while we work on it and about a 5 month lead time until we need to move into it. We are fairly confident in our ability to keep costs low so that this remains the more economical option (we are aiming to keep it under $4000 to get it move in ready which is insanely low). On the plus side, we’re mostly insane because wow, this is going to be a HUGE project.

So, 5 months to find and buy a bus, gut it, and get the basic stuff we need to live installed. Oh god.

Wish us luck on the buying process!

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