Why a Home on Wheels?

So you may be asking “Why a home on wheels?” and we did too, for a long time. Along the way we considered buying a boat and living on the water (still a dream but one slightly less feasible at the moment) and buying a RV/Bus. It does seem a little crazy sometimes, there are a lot of sacrifices that will be. Space obviously is the number one thing that will go but water and electricity availability will also decrease, we’ll have to deal with poop and pee on a far more regular basis, and a whole host of other things that you take for granted in everyday living in a house or apartment will be drastically affected.

For us, we were well on our way to living the American Dream- I had just gone fulltime at my library (a government job! benefits! PTO! the works) and Mike was steadily working on on his PhD (and still is) while teaching 2 classes at different universities, we were saving up to buy our first house, we had just adopted our first dog Finn together, and we had just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. And we realized that, for us, it wasn’t working. We both felt trapped and stagnant and just generally unhappy. We didn’t want to work to buy things and then have to keep working to keep the expensive things we had bought. We wanted to travel and see the world and take Finn with us. And to take Finn with us (we dislike boarding and his training hasn’t come far enough for us to ask family to watch him) we really needed home to go with us too. Finding hotels that allow dogs is hard, finding hotels that allow unsupervised dogs to stay in the room is even harder, and most of the places that we want to see and check out in any new locations tend to be dog unfriendly…so a home was needed.

Right now, we are debating RV vs. school bus conversion (affectionately called Skoolies) and trying to figure out which one would work best for us and our family.

But one thing is for sure! We will be going mobile and SEVERELY downsizing in the process…we have way too much crap.

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  1. I wish more Americans had the courage, tenacity, and guts to do what you two are doing. Since I grew up on Mtv’s Real World & Road Rules, I’ve always wanted a life on the road. But I had to settle for travel with sporatic vacations. I both applaud and envy the love you to share. Um, when you get to California, can I roll with you all to Seattle?

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